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V-Bright Non Surgical Wrinkle Reduction
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V-Bright Pro ®, non-surgical wrinkle reduction, is a method of skin rejuvenation that  is done by the V-Bright Pro ® device.  This is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure with no scarring or skin damage. The pain is minimal and there  is no downtime recovery. You may be able to see instant results right after the procedure. 

Why are we different?
Say bye-bye to Plasma Fibroblast treatments that are damaging to your skin and Welcome V-Bright Pro ® the skin-safe approach.

V-Bright Pro ® is a very delicate procedure protecting your skin.  This handy device, sends out an arch of energy from the unit. It reacts with your skin, and a new collagen layer is created. You can use this anywhere  from faces to body, you can use it for fine lines and wrinkles, and  uneven pigments.  It’s exciting because people have waited all their  lives to do something that is affordable, and has minimal downtime.

I'm Sure You Have Questions

V-Bright Pricing

Before & After Care


After Care

Post Procedure Skin Care

Immediately after your service you will feel a type of burning sensation that feels comparable to a sunburn. Your skin will have several linear dot patterns to the site treated today. Your technician will apply a post care serum to hasten the healing process. You may use cool compresses to alleviate the mild discomfort felt in the first 1-3 hours. You may have post service swelling at the site of service as well as the surrounding skin, especially your eyes or lower neck. This swelling can be minimized with the use of cool compresses and sleeping in an elevated position for the first few nights.

Sun Exposure

There should be absolutely no sun exposure in the first 72 hours after service. After 72 hours and for the following 7 days, rigorous sunscreen application and continued sun avoidance is recommended to prevent complications, like post-service hyperpigmentation (darker pigmented skin from exposure to UV rays). There should also be no swimming, hot tubs, no workouts with excessive sweating, as well as no use of Botox or Filler. A good quality mineral makeup with an SPF 30-50 may also be used as a substitute for sunscreen. Remember that your risk of hyperpigmentation increases with each time you are exposed to the sun. Frequent handwashing and avoidance of touching the area serviced will prevent the possibility of an infection. Abiding by these recommendations will provide you with a satisfactory outcome.


You should have no pain or redness that persists beyond the first day, drainage that is yellow or foul smelling, fever, or any other problems that make the site uncomfortable to you. If you do have one or more of these symptoms call your primary Dr. and be seen immediately to rule out any infection.

Skin Care

For the best possible results, rigorously follow your post-service skin care regimen, which includes a growth serum that is to be used 2 times daily, in the morning and in the evening, for up to 3 months. Medical and scientific data have attested, that growth serums and peptides will also aid in collagen stimulation, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Stay clear of harsh topicals like retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or fruit acid peels or cleansers, for 5-6 weeks. Do not pick at the dots (Carbon Crusts) as this could result in scarring of your serviced area.